Examination :

Examination Automation

Education has become more and more competitive today with the information explosion and the high number of operators. Holding exams of any type for students, by Universities, Colleges, Boards, or even Tuition and Training Classes is complex and a high-stakes challenge. The typical courseware of any such institute is interdisciplinary, covering various courses, branches, subjects, classes, and, most important, a diverse group of creative, intelligent and high-energy students who are aspiring to be specialists and genius’. At times, they leave no stone unturned for ‘performance enhancing’.

This is exactly where Ekklavya’s Exam Management solution fits in – providing an opportunity, or, the critical ingredient to ensure successful conduct of exams, without any ‘leakages’, in a secure manner and transparent distributed environment. Options exist for holding various types of exams including written exams, computer-based online exams or OMR-based exams.

Question Bank Software

Question Bank Software is very special software which is useful to schools, colleges, coaching institutes, publishers and question paper setters who want to create and manage study material and question bank of different classes/courses and subject at one point. This software can generate test papers automatically with ease as per the criteria set by the user. The Question Bank module mainly deals with collection, arrangement and administration of large number of questions of different level of toughness from scientific as well as non-scientific subjects related to various classes. Making assignment sheets, daily practice test, weekly test, Test series, Online Test etc. is a repetitive and time consuming process which involves both teacher and the computer operator. Using this Question Bank Software the same process can be accomplished in minutes even in absence of operators. The biggest advantage is the prevention of “Paper / Question Leaking”

Online Examination

Computer Based Examination software, which conducts all sorts of exams – Entrance, Competitive, Semester, Regular etc. online. The exam can be conducted on Internet / Intranet. The questions can be of various types – MCQs, True & False, Match-the-Following, Fill-in-the-Blanks, Long Answers and Multimedia (Audio/Video/Image) based questions. The software creates random questions during the real-time of the exam. The software generates the result of the exam as soon as the exam is over.

OMR-based Exams and Evaluation

Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) based examination and evaluation software is used for objective (MCQ) type tests. We provide various templates for the answer sheet printing. This software generates its own Bar code for identifying the answer sheets. Through our software you can print your OMR Answer sheets on normal A4 or Legal paper. Our software can be integrated with any simple scanner for the evaluation of the OMR sheets. The real advantage of our software is that it eliminates the need of specialized OMR scanners and Answer sheets which are an expensive affair.