Data Analysis !

The Data analysis division’s goal is to provide the critical link between good decision making and success. Analysis of data is a process of inspecting, cleaning, transforming, and modelling data with the goal of highlighting useful information, suggesting conclusions, and supporting decision making. Data analysis has multiple facets and approaches, encompassing diverse techniques under a variety of names, in different business, science, and social science domains. We provide business analysis on already available data and also collect data through various methods like surveys etc. Data analysis is basically used for Prediction and Identification. We organize the rules of evidence for guiding the analysis by Falsifiability, Validity and Parsimony.

• Business Process Assessment & Optimization: Understand what's working, what's not and how to get the highest return on your investment.

• Financial Performance: "Follow the money" from claims submission to payment and recovery and plug the leaks that drown your bottom line.

• Data Warehousing: Manage your data effectively with data modeling, conversion, requirements analysis, analysis and reporting.

• Clinical Performance: Understand which treatments yield superior results and which need work .

• Member Analytics: Understand the populations you serve.

• Charge Analysis & Cost Diagnostic: Get to the bottom of your cost structure to understand where your money's going and if it's well spent.

• Predictive Modeling: See not just what's happening now, but what it will mean down the road.

• Fraud Detection & Prevention: Find and prevent fraudulent charges.

• Decision Support: Get the information you need to make the right choices.

• Custom Databases: Build the database that works for your organization.

• Designing Surveys: Design surveys to collect the correct information that helps in analyzing various aspects.