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Every sector today is driven by a necessity to ‘automate’ it’s functioning, combined with a strong need for increasing security in all applications that allow remote access to resources of every kind.

Today, the issue is not biometric technology or instant communication, but it’s the integrated solution. The big challenge is the integration, and we, at Ekklavya, have designed solutions that meet this challenge.
So, if it is CUSTOMIZED SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT you’re looking for, or standard ready-made solutions for a host of applications, please contact us.

Ekklavya – for easy, efficient and effective solutions!!

At Ekklavya, we have the advantage and the experience of having handled major automation projects, meeting the exacting standards and stiff parameters of various Government of India factories and workshops, Ministry of Defence directorates and establishments, Ministry of Home organizations, Scientific Research & development institutions, state government projects, solutions for corporate, as well as internationally, for a host of companies and ministries.

Our packages are web-based, on the latest technology ensuring single-point entries that update all the relevant forms, thereby reducing data redundancy and increasing efficiency and transparency while reducing time, manpower requirements and costs.
Data Migration service from existing systems in a comprehensive and reliable manner is also provided in all projects commissioned and implemented by us.


EKKLAVYA INFOSYS is a software and data analysis company that has carved a niche' for itself, by providing all-in-one exclusive error-free solutions to Corporates, Government organisations, Educational Institutes or simply to people who demand the best and the latest in technology.

We have an envious track record for developing and commissioning ‘customised automation projects’ consisting of multiple software modules that integrate activities across all departments and branches. Standard ready-made solutions for specific applications are also available.

We have a solution for every field viz. Education, Online Examinations, Recruitment, Payroll, Human Resource, Labor Management, Access Control, Data Confidentiality, Hospitals, etc. Provision exists for integration with biometrics, sms and e-mail service alerts, and even with an IVRS system for telephonic announcements.

The Data analysis division’s goal is to provide the critical link between good decision making and success. We specialize in providing ‘Precise, Concise, Relevant and Authentic Information’ that will help your business grow in the right direction. We have recently introduced a new wing that focuses on creating state of art ‘Computer Based Training Modules’ for eLearning with 2D, 3D animations and Voice recording.


Our vision is to support the social cause of saving the environment by being a leading organization in the field of Computer Automation, most trusted, that would usher in a new generation of working procedures in every field, delivering sustainable solutions, that challenge conventional thinking and innovatively bring about positive changes in the lives of our stakeholders without compromising on the quality standards, security and our values.

In continuance of our vision to create a convenient and secure medium for conducting routine processes by providing automation solutions with secure and regulated access to information through precise definition of User rights and roles, we are pleased to offer applications that operate both, in the standalone mode or as part of a sophisticated network of Users in various branches, departments, sections and designations, using web-based forms and modules.

Ekklavya, the Name

The history behind our name, Ekklavya!

Ekklavya, the little story of Ekklavya, one giant character detailed in the world famous epic, 'The Mahabharat', whose undivided devotion to his Guru, untiring practice and a crystal clear sight of his target made him the best archer in the land, gives us at Ekklavya , our identity. Our name has it's origin in these echeleons of time. We have strived to revive the character of Ekklavya in our products.

Arguably the world's largest Epic, the "Mahabharata" was written in India, over 5000 years ago. You could say, it was the 'Mother of All Soap Operas' ! It had the largest array of well elaborated characters ever.

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