EKKLAVYA INFOSYS is a software and data analysis company. We are based in Pune, India.

We introduce ourselves as a company that has carved a niche' for itself, by providing all-in-one exclusive error-free solutions to Corporations, Government Institutions or simply to people who demand the best and the latest in technology & security.

We have an envious track record for developing and commissioning ‘complete automation projects’ of all administrative & other processes in an organization. We have successfully operationalized similar projects at various Government, Defence and Private Institutes. Please find below a brief about our verticals:

We have, in a short span of time, reached a position, which could have come about only as a result of total CUSTOMER SATISFACTION, for the simplicity and convenience of our user-interface, the efficiency and effectiveness of our installation and training, and the speed and promptness of our support.

Our Verticals

ERP Vertical

The ERP wing focuses on ‘Complete End to End Automation’. We specialize in ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning. Our ERP software consists of multiple software modules that integrate activities across all departments. We have a solution for every field viz. Education (Colleges and Schools), Examination, Library, Recruitment, Hospitals, Judiciary, eCitizens (UID), Payroll,

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Data Analysis Vertical

The Data Analysis vertical focuses to provide the critical link between good decision making and success. Analysis of data is a process of inspecting, cleaning, transforming, and modelling data with the goal of highlighting useful information, suggesting conclusions, and supporting decision making.

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Biometric Vertical

The Biometric vertical focuses, especially on biometric-based software applications. The state-of-art in user authentication, our technology determines your identity based on who you are (your fingerprint), and not just what you know (a password). Our biometrically secured access software at all entry and exit points ensures high security with convenience,

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CBT Vertical

We have recently introduced a new vertical that focuses on creating state of art WEBSITES, COMPUTER BASED TRAINING (CBT) AND eLEARNING. eLearning and CBT comprises all forms of electronically supported learning and teaching. The information and communication systems, whether networked learning or not, serve as specific media to implement the learning process.

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Hospital and Healthcare Automation Vertical

We offer a powerful, efficient and versatile web based ERP for Hospital Management/Information System. Patient Registration & Case Management with follow up visits; e-File for every patient; Covers all sections of the Hospital/Clinic; Test Labs and Investigation Parameters;

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Examination Vertical

The Examination Vertical focusses on two types of examination system – a. Computer Based Examination software, which conducts all sorts of exams – Entrance, Competitive, Semester, Regular, Practice, Prepratory etc. online. The exams can be conducted on Internet / Intranet / Paper. The software enables the creation of question bank.

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Tailor-Made Vertical

Your business is unique. Your requirements are beyond standard software. You are looking for software that matches the complexity of your business. With extra tailor made modules you will have a planning system that suits your unique situation. As each business is different, having specific needs & requirements,

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Mobile Apps Vertical

We have a separate division for the creation of ‘Mobile Apps’. Currently we are creating apps that are integrated with the solutions we offer, e.g. HR & Payroll; Campus Automation; Hospital and Clinic Automation; Asset and Inventory Management solution, etc. These mobile apps are generally for the top management who have the rights of various approvals, and who are generally travelling.

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